Saturday, August 29, 2009

King Solomon at Kennedy Center

The Last Days of King Solomon by member Anthony E. Gallo will be presented at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Terrace Gallery on Saturday, September 5 at 2 PM. NO CHARGE. This two-act “black comedy” is about doubt and faith during the latter days of Solomon, long-time ruler of militarily and economically powerful Israel. The legendary monarch, who holds together a diverse Nation by shrewd domestic and foreign marriages, has lost God’s favor. He is the laughing stock of the nation because he supposedly can not even see the temple he built. Foreign countries wait to attack the borders, and the twelve tribes of Israel are at odds. Division and conflict everywhere! What will become of his world? Directed by Anthony E. Gallo Cast: Lenny Levy, Cora Alter, Brian Doyle, Helenmary Ball, Julian Ball, Meera, Jean Hudson Miller. No Charge. More information: 202 544 6973 or

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Charelston Revisited Premieres at Corner Store Stage in DC on August 19

The Corner Store Stage
The Seventh Street Playhouse and Eastern Market Studios
Premier Staged Reading of
Written and Directed Anthony E. Gallo
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8 PM
People of the past appear in various forms in this two-act mystery-comedy set on Logan Street in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina’s renowned Historic District. Indomitable Charleston matron Charlotte Butler raises thousands of flowers to the hum of classical music, cultivates birds, plays championship bridge, ballroom dances daily, sometimes cleans her own house, and spars with both her parrot Jacob and flighty neighbor Ginny (Gin) Middleton. Gin's latest flame is the distinguished former New Hampshire Senator Mark Smythe, now a Logan Street resident, who appears to have a curious interest in Charlotte. When Gin has to cancel one of her dates with Mark because of an emergency in Savannah, he slips in and visits Charlotte. The visit proves to be more than one of mere curiosity, as we discover that these two bizarre people have much in common. Charlotte makes Mark accompany her to St. Phillip’s Cemetery at night where they encounter someone she does not want to see. The drama is scheduled for performances in Greenbelt, MD and Charleston, SC in 2010, and at the Cosmos Theatre in October.

Narrator Meera
Charlotte Butler Bonnie Jourdan
Mark Smyth Brian Doyle
Gin Middleton Helenmary Ball,
Jim Haywood Rob Weinzimer
Parrot Jacob Meera
Mr. Bluejay Julian Ball
Madame Finch Meera

Suggested Donation: Ten Dollars
Location: Ninth and South Carolina Avenue, SE Washington, DC Two Blocks from Eastern Market Metro
Reservations: or 202 544 8507 or Limited seating.