Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Paul opened to favorable critiques at the Cosmos Club in DC. Outstanding performances.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shooting recommences on Charleston Revisited at Congressional Cemetery. Film two-thirds finished.

Eighty years ago, Charleston matron Charlotte Butler made a decision that changed the world. Tonight she faces that decision in her home and under the stars in St. Philips Cemetery.

This two-act mystery-comedy takes place on Logan Street in the heart of the renowned Charleston Historic district. Charlotte Butler, raises thousands of flowers to the hum of classical music, cultivates birds, plays championship bridge, ballroom dances daily, sometimes cleans her own house, and spars with both her parrot Jacob and flighty neighbor Ginny(Gin) Middleton. Gin's latest flame is the distinguished former New Hampshire Senator Mark Smythe, now a Logan Street resident, who appears to have a curious interest in Charlotte. When Gin has to cancel one of their dates because of an emergency in Savannah, Mark slips in and visits Charlotte. We then learn that the visit is more than a mere curiosity, as we find out that these two bizarre people have much in common. She makes him accompany her to St Philips' Cemetery at night where they encounter someone she does not want to see. Running Time: 68 minutes

Negotiating a production contract on Margherita with the Nederlander Group for pre- Broadway opening.


1. July, 2011, Margherita, Knollwood, Washington, DC
2. October 2009, Harvard Club of Boston, Italian Center
3. March 2009 National Press Club
4. January 2008 New York University Public Staged Reading
5. September 2007 Corner Store Theatre Full Production
6. July 2007 Woolly Mammoth Theatre Full Production
7. August 2004 Seventh Street Playhouse Staged Reading
8. March 2003 Playwrights Forum Public Staged Reading
9. Years 2001-03 PF Workshop
10. October 2002 Cosmos Theatre Public Staged Reading

March 2011, Margherita, Available on Amazon
January 2011, Seven Judeo Christian Dramas by Anthony E. Gallo with forward by Leonard Levy
February 2008, New Theatre Publications, Warrenton, Great Britain
July 2008, Eight Plays by Anthony E. Gallo, Browns Court PublishingJuly 2006 Browns Court Publishing


James Howard
Jessica Lefkow
Theresa Gambacorta
Mary Suib
Roland Branford Gomez
Anthony E. Gallo

Paul, my eleventh play, premieres at the Cosmos Club tomorrow night.

Please sign up for the Cosmos Theatre presentation of Paul by Anthony E. Gallo on October 17. C. The leading role will be played by Shakespearean actor Michel Tolaydo. The play examines the complex and contradictory life of Christianity’s second leading theological architect through his Epistles, from Romans to Titus, and the writings of Josephus. Paul’s impact not only on the now two billion Christians around the world but tangentially on non-Christians as well is not disputed. The play follows him from being a deeply religious Jewish leader, successful businessman, civic leader, and persecutor of fringe cults to becoming an apostle of the Nazarean following his epiphany on the road to Damascus. The narrative traces his conflicts with members of the new cult, then with his fellow disciples, the Romans, Greeks, Jewish leaders, his own family and friends, and the people he tries to convince. It asks if Paul’s spiritual conversion also resulted in personal character conversion Cast:
Paul Michael Tolaydo
Peter Colin Davies
Barnabus Anthony Pisarra
Johnmark Shanker Singham
Rachel Tarpley Long
Miriam Cora Alter
James Ned Conquest
Thomas Stephen Black
Mark Brian Doyle
Executioner Scott Bush
High Priest Ray Scalettar
Ananias Bruce Smith
First Man Ed Molnar
First Woman Mellicent Singham
Second Man Ray Scalettar
Second Wom Phyllis Scalettar
Voice Eric Beshers
Narrators Lenore Salzman
Sound Design Beatrix Whitehall
Demons/Counter Ensemble (The Greek Chorus-All Actors
Please reserve with Member Services. The Powell Room doors will open at 7 p.m. for a finger-food reception with champagne. The reading will follow at 7:30. Price: $20.

Chair, Cosmos Theatre Group

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Books on Amazon

Vandergrift! and Lincoln and God now available on Amazon.