Thursday, May 20, 2010

Copyrighted my ninth play THE BOTTICELLI CRUISE. .

Copyrighted my nine play THE BOTTICELLI CRUISE. Premiere staging at The Corner Store Stage in August

Only three bizarre and confused characters, plus an elusivecaptain, appear in this two-act drama about a cruise on a small exclusive cruise ship, The Botticelli, which sailsaround the east coast of Africa along the warm Indian Ocean.

Bernard Angus Berrington Sheed Chesterton Churchill Montmartre Phillips, late forties, is taking his fortieth cruise. Bergthora “Boo” Brodersen, BOO , now on her tenth cruise, early forties five times married likes her gin. Cognac, scotch, bourbon martinis, but anything will do. And Arthur, the accommodating Somalian waiter is very obliging toward both. They seem to like him too.
All three appear to be what is on the surface, then more. Bernard proclaims he’s more than one person. She enjoys being on deck and reading her favorite novelist and philosophic guru, J. B. Roehard. Bernard likes her legs. Arthur seems secretuve. They cruise toward dangerous ports with revolutions, terrorists, and pirates. All rumors of course. They each claim they want nothing. But then pirates invade the ship. And more happens