Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vandergrift! @ Greenbelt Arts Center

VANDERGRIFT! At Greenbelt Arts Center. A Seventh Street Playhouse production. Written by Anthony E. Gallo, Directed by Helenmary Ball Friday, June 3, Saturday, June 4, Friday, June 10, Saturday, June 11 @ 8: PM Sunday June 5 and 12 @ 2:30 PM 2011 A historic comedy about a real town in Pennsylvania with an idealistic beginning like Greenbelt, Maryland. In the early 1890’s, steel tycoon George McMurtry tries to produce a unique marriage between architecture and industrialism to build a workingman's paradise in southwestern Pennsylvania designed by Frederic Law Olmstead. The issues then were immigration, the environment, labor unions, class distinctions, discrimination, and housing. Familiar? Of special interest to Presbyterians, Catholics, Scotch-Irish, Jews, Methodists, fortune tellers, steelworkers, labor unions, Poles, Italians, Pennsylvanians, segregationists, landscape architects, journalists, and stray dogs. Our American civilization? Cast: Jan Forbes, Helenmary Ball, Tim Wolf, Sherman McDaniel, Lenny Levy, Bruce Brennan, Bruce Smith, George Spencer; Pat Martin. Located In The Historic Greenbelt Arts Center -The Nation’s First Shopping Center-1937. Greenbelt Arts Center 123 Centerway. Greenbelt, Maryland Directions and Reservations: 301-441-8770. Tickets: Regular - $15 Seniors/Students - $12 Group Sales -$10 Questions: and 202 544 6973