Thursday, March 29, 2012

Margherita at State Department

Margherita performed at United States Department of State in Dean Acheson Auditorium. New York City production with Browne Nederlander to follow.

Dear Tony- It was nice to meet the cast today, in what I think is a very delightful play. Light and airy, like only a romance story can be, surprisingly makes politics take a step back. The leading lady is fantastic at what she does. i am sorry for those who missed an hour of good, historical, sophisticated and civilized entertainment ( for free ), simply because they did not get the word in time? However, you should know that audiences at DOS are never guaranteed, especially when there are other competing events going on in the building. We are looking forward to Part II. Please e-mail me the flyer as soon as you have it ready, so that I can help circulating them in peripheral areas of Foggy Bottom. Cheers, and thank you very much for bringing your art to our midst. Myrna McKee

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