Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and  the 75th anniversary of the founding of Historic Greenbelt  The Greenbelt Arts Center and

 The Seventh Street Playhouse present LINCOLN AND GOD By Anthony E. Gallo Directed by Lenny Levy  Friday, July 27, Saturday, July 28, Friday, August 3, Saturday, August 4 @ 8:00 PM  Sunday, July 29 and Sunday, August 5  @ 2:30  PM

This two-act drama examines our 16th President’s conflict with men and God through his defeats, triumphs, and tragedies during the Civil War.  Did he hear God in the dialogue, actions, and words of wife Mary, Reverend Phineas Gurley, colleagues, and enemies?  Lincoln is the only American President who did not claim Church membership.  What was his relationship with God all about?  Was he an American Moses, or an American Herod?  The play traces his conflict with God as he heard God in the dialogue and actions of those closest to him. From his arrival in Washington dancing to the Mary Todd Lincoln Polka, to the Emancipation Proclamation, his Second Inauguration, and the end of the Civil War, we follow the President’s clashes with those closest to him.

   Cast–  Abraham Lincoln - James McDaniel;  Mary Todd Lincoln - Mellicent Singham;  Reverend Phineas Gurley- David Weaver;  Nico Hay- Mark Mueller;   Emily Helm - Sherman McDaniel;   Benjamin Helm, Captain Holmes, John Wilkes Booth - Pat Martin;  Chief Justice Salmon Chase, voice of Eddie Lincoln - Shirl  Weaver; Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Keckley, Woman and voice of Willie Lincoln - ZSun-nee Matema;  Dr. Colchester and Chief Justice Roger Taney –Lenny Levy  :  Music:    The Homespun Ceilidh Band; Alan Gershwin’s  “The Gettysburg Anthem”; Crew :  Sound - Beatrix Whitehall; Props Manager, Stage Manager and Understudy  - Elaine Vega:  Lighting Designer - David Weaver   Production Assistant Genie Baskir 

LOCATED IN THE HISTORIC GREENBELT ARTS CENTER The Nation’s First Shopping Center-1937 Greenbelt Arts Center  123 Centerway. Greenbelt, Maryland

Directions and Reservations: 301-441-8770. Tickets: Regular - $15   Seniors/Students - $12   Group Sales -$10

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