Monday, August 13, 2012


At the end of last year, I signed an agreement to have the Nederlander Browne Group work with me to bring Margherita to Broadway early next year.

As one of my long-time supporters, I need your help to get it produced. Together we can make a commitment to actually see Margherita on Broadway.

This is what I am asking help on and this is what we get back for our efforts:

- We need to raise $275,000 to produce the show and open it on Broadway.

o The investment basic unit is $25,000, but a unit can be shared by a group of investors ( there are a couple of ways of doing this) and of course you can purchase as many whole units as you desire.

- Investors get their investment back first (we call this recoupment). Then profits are split 50% to the investors and 50% to the producers.

o The average show on Broadway sells about 80% of its seats. My show would breakeven on a weekly basis if we sold only 60% of the seats and show a profit of almost $20,000 a week if we sold 80% of the seats.

o There are many perks for investors, which include acknowledgement in advertising, programs, etc. for larger investors and opening night tickets and parties (in NY and DC); access to house seats and meet and greets with cast and creative team (also in NY and DC) for all investors.

Attached to this email is more information about the show, and important financial information, like a breakdown of where the money goes on pages 6-8.

Investing in shows can be an interesting, exciting and lucrative proposition.

I can give you access to my partners, who can help you learn more about investing on Broadway, and help you to decide if to help me bring Margherita to Broadway next year.

Call Tony Gallo at 202-544-6973 or David Groelinger at (212) 822-4200 for information and send funds to David Groelinger at Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment
1450 Broadway, 20th Floor
New York City, N.Y. 10018

Broadway Margherita:

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