Sunday, September 29, 2013

King Saul Cast

Cast chosen for the first staged reading of my newest play, The Tragedy of King Saul. 
1. Saul, King of Israel Stan Cloud
2. Samuel, Chief Judge of Israel Bruce Smith
3. David Bruce Brennan
4. Jonathan, Saul’s Son Ned. Conquest
5. General Abner, Saul’s Uncle George Spencer
6. Jesse(Ensemble) Scot. Bush
7. Ahimilech (Ensemble) Dick DeCorps
8. Joel, Son of Samuel (Ensemble) Eric Beshers...
9. Alich, Son of Samuel(Ensemble) Ed Molnar
10. Ensemble Harvey Zuckman
1. First Witch of Endor Norma Evenson
2. Second Witch of Endor Bunty Ketcham
3. Third Witch of Endor Liane Atlas
4. Michal, Saul’s Daughter Tarpley Long
5. Narrator, Trix Whitehall
6. Ensemble Gloria Rall
7. Sound Director Trix Whitehall

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