Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stagings 2014 -013

Productions 2014


1.      January                The Last Days of King Solomon      Ingleside at Rock Creek

2.      February              The Last Days of King Solomon      Knollwood

3.      March                   The Last Days of King Solomon      Lincolnia

4.      March                   The Last Days of King Solomon      Greenspring

5.      May                      The Springfield Boys                        Cosmos

6.      July                       Eugenio                                              Lincolnia

7.      September            Lincoln Opera                                   Kennedy Center

8.      Spring                   Margherita                                         On/Off Broadway  TBA

9.      September            Lincoln Opera                                   Lincolnia

10.  October                Lincoln Opera                                   Knollwood

11.  October                Lincoln Opera                                   Greenspring

12.  November                        Lincln Opera                                     Ingleside at Rock Creek



2013 Stagings


1.      The Agony of David                   Knollwood                                         January

2.      The Agony of David                   Lincolnia                                            January

3.      Eugenio                                        Lincolnia                                            May 6

4.      The Botticelli Cruise                   Greenbelt Arts (Production)            June July       

5.      Lincoln Discussion                      Cosmos Club                                     July 27

6.      Eugenio                                        Knollwood                                         July 17

7.      Eugenio                                        The Kennedy Center                                    August 31

8.      The Agony of David                   Ingleside                                             September 25

9.      The Tragedy of King Saul         Cosmos Club                                     November 16            

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