Friday, March 14, 2014

Solomon at Greenspring on Saturday March 11. 2014

Greenspring Presents The Last Days of King Solomon on Saturday, March 12 at 1:30 PM




A black comedy with more than a touch of slap-stick


As performed at the Kennedy Center, National Press Club, and Dramatists Guild of America

Saturday, March 15, 2014    1:30 PM




Anthony E. Gallo

This two-act “black comedy with a little slapstick” is about doubt and faith during the latter days of King Solomon, long-time ruler of militarily and economically powerful Israel. The legendary monarch, who holds together a diverse Nation by shrewd domestic and foreign marriages, has lost God’s favor. He is the laughing stock of the nation because he supposedly can not even see the temple he built. Foreign countries wait to attack the borders, and the twelve tribes of Israel are at odds.  Division and conflict everywhere! What will become of this world?   Lust, greed, pomposity, seduction, perversion, revenge, betrayal, insanity, deception, horses, lies, murder, drink, theft, cannabis, idolatry, political instability, and excess wives play a role.    One character thinks all this might be troublesome. Many suggest that The Last Days of King Solomon makes for a good Midrash.


KING SOLOMON                                         James McDaniel

QUEEN MOTHER BATHSHEBA              Bunty Ketcham

HIGH PRIEST ZADOCK                             Robert Goolrick

QUEEN OF SHEBA                                                Kacie Greenwood

ABSALOM                                                     David Weaver

PRINCESS TAMAR                                     Shirl Weaver

SOUND DIRECTOR                                                Trix Whitehall

NARRATION                                                            Trix Whitehall


 Greenspring Village, Village Square, Accotink Room, 7410 Spring Village Drive, Springfield, VA 22150. (No charge or donation)

For more information contact: Robert Goolrick, JC-205, 571-218-8940.

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