Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Springfield Boys at Cosmos Theatre

The Cosmos Theatre presents  THE SPRINGFIELD BOYS by Anthony E. Gallo  Saturday May 17, 2014 11:30 AM Powell Room.  



This two-act dramedy by playwright traces the historically significant relationship among Abraham Lincoln, his very closest friend Joshua Fry Speed, and his law partner William H.(Billy) Herndon, from 1837 to 1891 (26 years after the Lincoln assassination).  Both Speed and Herndon played important roles in the legacy of the 16th president.  Oh yes, the Springfield Girls also have their say.  And the boys even help one another on their roads to marriage.  This premiere staged reading of The Springfield Boys will be performed by the Cosmos Theater Players.  How did the pro-slavery Speed, who shared a bed with Lincoln for four years, help preserve the Union?  How did he deal with Mr. Lincoln’s “blue periods”?  Why did Mr. Lincoln choose this man as his only complete friend ever?  Where is the Bible Mr. Speed’s mother gave young Mr. Lincoln (during one of his blue periods) located today?  No one showed greater political allegiance to Lincoln than Billy, who wrote one of only two eyewitness biographies of the tragic president.  Lincoln assistants John Hay and John Nicolay’s 10-volume biography is frequently dismissed as too hagiographic.  But Billy’s innumerable eye-popping but questionable assertions about Lincoln and his family have influenced Lincoln biographers from Carl Sandburg and Ida Tarbell to David Donald. But was Mr. Lincoln really a free thinking agnostic?  Was he illegitimate? Other claims were even more shocking.  Did Herndon forever malign Mary Lincoln because of their mutual hatred (He: “She dances like a serpent;” She: “He’s an uncouth drunkard”)?


Abraham Lincoln                                              Stanley Cloud

William Herndon                                               George Spencer

Joshua Speed                                                       Brian Doyle

Robert Lincoln, Ensemble                               Bruce Smith

Fanny Speed, Ensemble                                    Tarpley Long

Anna Herndon, Ensemble                                Bunty Ketcham

Mary Lincoln, Ensemble                                 Loraine Nordlinger

Elizabeth  Edward,  Ensemble, ,                     Gloria Rall

Lucy Speed,  Ensemble,                                    Liane Atlas

Phineas Gurley, SC Speaker, Ensemble       Eric Beshers

Stanton, Clerk,, Pastor Ensemble,                 Dick De Corps

Chief Justice, Edwards, , Ensemble               David Martin

John Hay, Joseph ,Ensemble                          Hugh Hill

Narrator, Sound Design, Ensemble              Trix Whitehall


Questions: and 202 544 6973


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