Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alveda King at National Press Club Video

Accolades still coming in for Alveda King’s National Press Club Newsmaker.

Some say that America's problems are due to a dearth of leadership among the various communities. As the daughter and niece of two slain civil rights leaders, AD and ML King, Alveda King, author of the new and popular book KING RULES, knows firsthand how the lack of genuine "servant leaders" is hurting the current cultural environment of our nation and the world. Raging conflicts over gun control, sanctity of life, marriage, and the seemingly never ending war on poverty can be viewed through the eyes of Alveda King, a descendent of the legendary "Black Moses" of the 21st Century. In a candid conversation with no holds barred, King is ready to provide transparent viewpoints on what MLK might say about some of the nation's most controversial topics, explored through the lenses of "the King Family Legacy
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