Saturday, April 4, 2015

Paul at Ingleside

See Paul at Ingleside at Rock Creek Stage.
Ingleside at Rock Creek Park  and the Seventh Street Playhouse
Anthony E. Gallo
Monday, April 13, 2015      8:00PM
3050 Military Road, NW | Washington, DC 20015 
This play examines the complex and contradictory life of Christianity’s second leading theological architect.  Paul’s impact not only on the now two billion Christians around the world but tangentially on non-Christians as well is not disputed. The play follows him from being a deeply religious Jewish leader, successful businessman, civic leader, and persecutor of fringe cults to becoming an apostle of the Nazarean following his epiphany on the road to Damascus. The narrative traces his conflicts with members of the new cult, then with his fellow disciples, the Romans, Greeks, Jewish leaders, his own family and friends, and the people he tries to convince. It asks if Paul’s spiritual conversion also resulted in personal character conversion.  :
Rachel                   Bunty Ketcham  
Paul                        James McDaniel
Peter                       Julian Ball
Barnabus              Tim Wolf
Johnmark              Grant Bagley
James                     Ronnie Hardcastle
Thomas                 Ben Robles       
 Mark                     Pat Martin
High Priest             Tim Wolf
Ananias                 Beatrix Whitehall
First  Woman        Bunty Ketcham
Second Woman   Margaret Bagley
First Man               Ronnie Hardcastle
Second Man         Pat Martin            
Executioner          Grant Bagley    
Voice                     Ben Robles
Miriam                   Margaret Bagley
Narrator                 Beatrix Whitehall
Sound Design       Beatrix Whitehall

Questions and Reservations  :  202 544 6973  No charge or donation 

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