Sunday, September 27, 2015

Teresa at Cosmos

Cosmos Theatre
 Saturday, October 17, 11:30 a.m.

This two act dramedy by ANTHONY E GALLO (’93)  is not meant for solemnly religious sourpuss types.  Agnostics, atheists and feminists are very welcome.  This play is mostly about sinners.  Teresa has enemies (gads of them) and  friends (even more).  Some say she has visions: others say hallucinations: “Our Lady of the Histrionics.”  Two lusty friars, a hog farmer, an intrusive Royal mistress, a confused novice and some spies present even more surprises.

Teresa is about a determined feminist mystic,   one of the most brilliant and liberated women of all time.   She jokes, tricks, deceives, manipulates, bribes, strategizes, lies and triumphs. Yet today this unpredictable woman is known as St. Teresa of Avila, and a Doctor of the Church.    This granddaughter of a noble Marrano (“that Jewish woman”) is at odds with the Church hierarchy: nuns, King Philip, the civil authorities, members of the Inquisition, the Grand inquisitor, God and some say all the angels and saints. And she outsmarts them all with her cunningness, sly tongue, sheer brilliance, skillful adaptation, humility, arrogance, and craziness.  She even reprimands God:  “No wonder you have so few friends.  You treat us so badly”  

The charges against her are many including heresy and sex.   
Buffet Lunch included.   $19 

Tony Gallo 201 544 6973    

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